Porthcawl Christmas Swim Memories

The swim in Porthcawl has over 50 years worth of cherished memories and beloved local characters.

Personal Stories

The swim has touched many people's lives over the years and forged strong connections and lasting memories. Although many people involved in the swim's early days have passed away, they are remembered below in the stories sent to us.

Susan Powell

First meeting with Arlon Owens and Roy Morgan. It was a Monday in July 1965 on Rest Bay with the ...
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Dai ‘Splash’

The two Porthcawl Swims I look forward to every year are, across the bay race in August and Coney Beach ...
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Chris Hughes

As the longest serving members of the swim, working as lifeguards, in and out of the water and weather at ...
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Vic Davies

Having left the Navy, I decided to return to Porthcawl shortly before Christmas. Having known Arlon Owens, from previous visits ...
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Dr David Parry

I first saw the Christmas Morning Swim in 1973. My two year old son was upset that Father Christmas (Bobby ...
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Stan ‘The Man’

I have been asked to write about the Swim and about Stan, my husband, a wonderful man who loved everything ...
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Jack Bridge

Jack Bridge is the original Porthcawl Christmas Morning Swim Father Christmas and was a co-founder alongside Arlon Owens back in ...
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Arlon Owens

My Dad, Arlon ‘Coco’ Owens, enjoyed his swimming, the gee gees, the choir but most of all he loved Porthcawl, ...
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Share your memories with us

 If you have a connection to the swim and have fond memories to share, please get in touch with us. We'd love to tell your story here too.

Photos from the archive

 We sometimes share old photos that we find via our Instagram account.