As the longest serving members of the swim, working as lifeguards, in and out of the water and weather at all times of the year, Victor and myself are quite dark skinned and still have a bit of a tan by the time the swim comes around.

Several years ago we were asked Why are you two always tanned? Victor began some long story about working in sailing ships, lifeguarding and so forth, by the end of the story the people he was talking to must have thought we were a cross between the old men of the sea and the pirates of the Caribbean.

As we walked away I said I am more tanned than you and left it at that.

Next year came around and there was Victor as brown as a berry, he walked up to me and started comparing tans, laughing, he said I’ve been away for two weeks so I’ve got a better tan than you.

Not to be outdone, next year came around, so I thought I would put some false tan on so as to beat Victor. I rubbed on the tan and waited, nothing happened so on went another can against all the advice I was getting, still nothing.

I got to the swim and stripped off ready to go in the water, to my disbelief I was bright orange, it looked as if I had been Tangoed.

The people from the lifeguard club and Victor were falling about laughing, I still had to walk through the throngs of people, swim, and come back. Needless to say I never used that again and every year Victor beats me. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.